The Rising Sun Karate Association (R.S.K.A.) was established in 1973 by Chief Instructor Sensei Tommy Kwan (8th Dan). Over the years Sensei Kwan has considerably improved the original Shukokai syllabus and the standard is one of the highest.

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New Beginners

Everything you need to know is on our New Beginners page.


The Rising Sun Karate Association has four Dojos:

Radcliffe, Oldham, Ramsbottom and Swinton.


In the Rising Sun Karate Association, you are not automatically classed as an instructor when you achieve your first black belt (1st Dan). Each RSKA instructor has had to pass exams and demonstrate they can instruct before being awarded their Instructor's certificate.

Why choose the Rising Sun Karate Association?

I have practiced Karate for over 35 years and in that time have seen many changes both good and bad on the national and international scene. Rising Sun Karate Association is one of few things that has stayed consistent throughout those times, mainly due to the superb leadership of Sensei Tommy Kwan. The list of names that have progressed through his ranks are too many to mention. A list of which I am proud to say I am part of.
Sensei Mike Fraser (6th Dan)
I am very proud of all my achievements within Rising Sun and I also know that none would have been possible without the many friends I have trained with over the years.
Sensei Thomas Briscall (4th Dan)
Some of the things I enjoy about the Association is the variety in the syllabus, the quality and breadth of experienced instructors, the friendly and welcoming Dojos and the support for all students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds.
Sensei Lisa Windsor (2nd Dan)